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Some Things to Remember

Credit Card Charges May Appear as Sebastian Tovol or Our Parent Company, Smooth Skin Care, LLC

Keep products out of the reach of children.

Products will maintain better potency when kept in a cool, dry place.

Keep all products out of direct sunlight

Always apply with a clean hand or applicator

Individual results may vary

We are unable to accept any returns on products, in order to avoid any previously used products from being inadvertently returned to the supply chain.

Senatian Tovolo does not "mass produce" products. Therefore, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. In order to mainatin constant use of your product, we advise re-ordering when 1/2 of the product is used, or ordering 2 at a time. While we recogniz this has it's limitations, it is something that allows use to finely manufacture each and every order, ensuring quality to you...each and every time. 


Always appreciated! We might suprise you with a special gift when we read something cool.