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Distributor Application

Below are the items that are needed in your letter to become an exclusive distributor of  skincare sales for Sebastian Tovolo skin care

Legal Business Name and Address

Years in Business

Please Describe the Training Given to Your Retail Staff

    Our customers are amongst the most descerning in the industry. They are not interested in hype or the fast sale which is so common at the retail level. They want honest recommendations and quality evaluations.  We want to ensure that your sales representatives have been educated and are updated frequently in skin care, so that the products they recommend can be personalized to the extent possible in the retail setting. While Sebastian Tovolo carries unique and effective products, even our brand my not be right for everyone. In fact, we encourage the sales representative to recommend any product in skincare sales that they think might be effective for the client, even if it's not in our line. 

Would Your Business Want Additional Training by our Experts?

We provide on-site trainingin skincare sales if needed. This may come as an additional expense to the retailer, but can be offset to some degree, as you beter understand the skin and skin care, and the way to grow as a distributor. 

What Distinguishes Your Business from Other Retailers?

  We offer protected retail territories, so we value each and every business partner. In as such, we want to understand how your business is unique and different, so that it enhances the retail experience of our brand users. We understand the needs of our distributors, and we are here to suppor their skincare sales. 

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Protected Territories Available. Minimum Orders Apply.

Sebastian TOVOLO, a division of SSC, LLC