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It's a story of soul searching. A brand born from the unwillingness to accept the mundane and boring world of skin care and the "drowning" of skin care retail products on store shelves.  In an industry where "experts" with powerful social media followings become "overnight Ph.D's in cosmetic chemistry", we will have none of that. From our flagship reconstructing night skin care cream, called "You, Minus 20" to our industry-unique fat soluble Vitamin C with Beta Hydroxy acid, you will only find products that actually work.

Not Shy, but Reserved.


 Enough. No more being something for eveybody. Be to be  MAGNIFICENT for the few.  Sebastian Tovolo is about the finer things that make life worth living, yet the beauty of simplicity. In our over-rushed, over-stimulated Society, Sebastain Tovolo wants to be the oasis of tranquility when it comes to beauty...and each one of us has the essence of beauty inside. You are the canvas...Sebastian is the artist. Make no mistakes...we are a lifestyle brand. 

Expertise from Inception to the Point of Sale


 The Sebastain Tovolo brand must be described to the customer only by someone well-informed about it's unique properties.  Excellence in production. Originality in the concepts. The best of ingredients. Sold only by qualified skin experts. Our retailers must be vetted before they sell Sebastian Tovolo. 

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There are many brands of skin care. Large corporations will push things that are the cheapest to make with the highest profit margain. We are a niche provider for the discerning user. Unkown to most...cherished by the select few.

Sebastian TOVOLO

Mt Kisco, New York

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